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Congratulations!  I am thrilled to have you on the webinar.  
Below are yor PDF action guide, as well as the promised audio file to get yo started on building Relationship Focused Business Success.

You will receive an email from me as soon as I start the webinr with the link to join.  Remember, I will be in the room early and that is a great time to chat and ask questions.  Watch your email with the link, and Say "YES!" to success.   Brett




Profitable Practice Blueprint
2 Questions To Unimited Success

Webinar PDF Action Guide

A.R.E. You There For ME? audio

To Increase Your Take-aways and Boost Implementation.


A special message from Brett. 





Are you building a Profitable Ethical Practice?  

P.E.P. is the mastermind community for success driven practice owners of all types.  

Whether you are a solo practicioner or run a multi professional practice,
P.E.P. can assist you in your goals.

P.E.P. club members focus on the core attributes of a successful practice - 

~ expertise building to set you apart from your competition

~ developing a cultire that says "YES! I am there for you."

~ ethical and effective marketing materials to keep clients coming back


~ creation of passive income through our Thesis To Thousands program.

     Why Should you be a P.E.P. Club memeber?

Marketing and Practice development is generally part of the professional training curriculum.  

Brett has built and enjoyed a profitable practice, developed passive income through leveraging his expertise into product, and spent several years working with top coaches to master the marketing concepts needed to build a thriving practice.

When you learn how to ethically market your expertise, you are well on your way to establishing a lifelong Profitable Ethical Practice.

Having a coach to over see you makes the process faster and far more rewarding.  


Depending on the level of P.E.P. Club membership, members receive up to

     2 coaching calls monthly
     1/4ly mastermind meetings
     Marketing materials that are "fill in the blank" ready for your logo and content
     Subscription to marketing and management CRM
     Personal 1x1 coaching
     On-Site Practice Development C.A.R.E. training

     and more...

Get your 1st 3 months FREE when you invest in the A.R.E. You There For Them coaching package.  

ARE Customers


4 - 80 min audio CD's (and digital Download) covering everything you need to create an active and thriving business.  

Complete transcripts

Implementation Action Guide

3 months P.E.P. Club Mastery level 



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