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Performers Mastermind 

For those who want more from their practice and are looking for a connection, interaction, collaboration, and the one on one hands on helps that a real mastermind can offer - this is the place for you.

"What is a mastermind and why should I join?"

I had the same question when I joined my first professional mastermind. A mastermind is a group of like minded and driven colleagues who are focused on building strong businesses, collaborations, and profitable lives. A mastermind is like "group therapy" but for business. Every successful professional I hve met has been part of a mastermind of one sort or another and had at least one coach helping them.  

If you are a private practice professional in the helping professions this is THE mastermind for you.  

If you are ready to really power forward with your P.E.P. Business development then this is a perfect group for you.

Along with access to ALL the P.E.P. CLUB benefits, you will receive have

  • a private group Q/A call each month with Brett to focused on
    your practice, and your program development.                ($3,000.00 value)                
  • an MP3 download link and transcripts of the calls, and   ($1,200.00 value)
  • each month you will receive sample marketing tools you can use to
    instantly create marketing to energize your client base.  ($4,000.00 value)
  • 3 in person mastermind meetings annually.
    2 day training and coaching sessions to hone your practice
    and collaborate with your fellow performers.                   (priceless) 

All Performers also receive a full membership in SteadyTIDE CRM for their
     marketing, sales, and program development.                       ($1164.00 value).
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  Start your PERFORMANCE Today                       $497 monthly or one time $4997/a