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Your Score fell between 21 - 27.  Great Job! While this score indicates some moderately high stress, you were open and honest in your answers. This score puts you right about center on the scale and shows possible areas of concern for burnout, or emotional and physical distress.

With a stress score in this range, it is likely that you have a fair number of good days to stressful.  Many with a mid range score tend to be more inclined to relax at home or watch T.V. in the evenings, possibly find release in alcohol or avoidance.  It also indicates that you might not have a sense of balance in your life.  

Many times a score in this range is seen in people who are not as able to separate the stress of work with their regular life.  You likely have a strong awareness of what you hold onto and what from work, and it is possibly causing you issues in your personal life.

It is likely that you have to putr on a falce face when dealing with patients or staff, but this is incongruent with your inner emotional space. 

Adding scheduled time for activities that get you out and moving can be a critical component in overcoming the stress in life.  Taking a lunch break, going for a walk, connecting with family and friends, reading for pleasure all break the pattern of stress and activate the mind.    

The self study course, Unlock YOUR Millionaire Mind is a great place to begin examining your stressors, your mindset, and changing the way that you balance life. 

Do you have stressed out or high tension colleagues?  Share the survey and start a practice wellness campaign to elevate the mood and environment for your patients.