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Your Score fell between 6-13.  Well done! This is an great score and indicates that you are managing the stress of life and practice pretty well, generally.

With a lower stress score, it is likely that you enjoy rewarding life outside your practice and that you feel alive and fresh on most days. You probably are more inclined to do the follwing than your stressed out counterparts: exercise, time with family and friends, travel, free time for play, allowing yourself the time to read, and many other positive behaviors.  It also implies that you have a good sense of balance in your life.  

Many times a score this area is seen in people who are able to separate the stress of work with their regular life.  You likely have a good awareness of what to hold onto and what you can free yourself from.    


As a practice owner, you are more likely to have a pleasant personality and the ability to maintain perspective most of the time when there is distress in the practice.  Your staff are likely to respect you.  They probably work harder for you because of your professional manner.  

Do you have stressed out or high tension colleagues?  Share the survey and start a practice wellness campaign to elevate the mood and environment for your patients.  



The Unlock YOUR Millionaire Mind program is a great way to create a collective vision and to break through the barriers that often cause stress and chaos in life and practice.